The Masked Roger

"Anti-viral, for Your Protection"

work well
with others!


Roger - plays the Masked Roger, but don't tell him we said so.

Alan Douglas - does pretty much everything else.

Valorie Hoye - provides the voice of Helen, Roger's wife. She was also a script consultant on Episode #1, and provides ongoing creative and technical advice.

Darren Woloshen - voiced the part of "Other Dude" in Episode #1.

Rick Torgerson - voiced the part of "Guy #2" in Episode #2, and deployed the net in Episode #5.

Michael Methot - voiced the part of "Biff the Cameraman" which unfortunately was cut from Episode #1 due to time constraints. Also provides ongoing technical advice.

Fred - plays the part of Roger's cat.

Aurora the beluga whale - played the part of the killer whale in Episode #1.

Tahmoh Penikett - Appeared as the superhero Tahmohawk in Episode #1.

Colon Powell - Played the part of the tapeworm in Episode #5.

a passing stranger - kindly threw the beachball at the start of Episode #1.