The Masked Roger

"Anti-viral, for Your Protection"

Whatever you do,
The Masked Roger!

It uses too much
reverse psychology.


Earlier episodes suffered from audio and lighting problems, as my idiot videographer didn't know what he was doing. That's the last time I hire somebody at a homeless shelter. By episode 5, he more or less figured out which button to press on his camera. I still don't think he's portraying me in a very positive light though. I keep firing him, but he won't go away!

Masked Roger #1 - Evil League of Evil Application
I try to break into the big leagues of international supervillainy.

Masked Roger #2 - Guild'd
Spurned by the ELE, I find inspiration in the web series The Guild.

Masked Roger #3 - Time Travel
My experiment in time travel is ruined when this total idiot appears.

Masked Roger #4 - The Even Couple
Finding a good roommate isn't easy.

Masked Roger #5 - Walk in the Park
Maybe some fresh air would help.

Masked Roger #6 - Who Stole Roger?
When the hen is away, the chicks will play, or something like that.

Masked Roger #7 - Trapped
Will I ever come out of the closet? And what is #3 up to?

Masked Roger #8 - The Cat
Time is running out for me, while #3 reveals more of his diabolical plan.