The Masked Roger

"Worst Webseries Worth Watching"

A man's got to do
What a man's got to do
Don't plan the plan
If you can't follow through
All that matters:
Taking matters
Into your own hands
Soon I'll control
My wish is your command


This is the website of evil supervillain the Masked Roger "Mental Perceptionist". You can also follow* my evil reign of terror on Twitter as I take over the Universe 140 characters at a time.

* WARNING: do not follow @maskedroger on Twitter. He may block you, and will quite possibly strangle a cat.

NEW EPISODE: Masked Roger #8 - The Cat

UPDATE 2010-09-23

I have used my amazing powers of Mental Perception to become Neil Grayston's 10,000th follower on Twitter! I don't know who he is either.

UPDATE 2009-07-22

I have used my amazing powers of Mental Perception to become Felicia Day's one millionth follower on Twitter (PROOF). Legend has it that she must now grant me a wish!

Episode Guide

Masked Roger #1 - Evil League of Evil Application
I try to break into the big leagues of international supervillainy.

Masked Roger #2 - Guild'd
Spurned by the ELE, I find inspiration in the web series The Guild.

Masked Roger #3 - Time Travel
My experiment in time travel is ruined when this total idiot appears.

Masked Roger #4 - The Even Couple
Finding a good roommate isn't easy.

Masked Roger #5 - Walk in the Park
Maybe some fresh air would help.

Masked Roger #6 - Who Stole Roger?
When the hen is away, the chicks will play, or something like that.

Masked Roger #7 - Trapped
Will I ever come out of the closet? And what is #3 up to?

Masked Roger #8 - The Cat
Time is running out for me, while #3 reveals more of his diabolical plan.